Episode 13:
Heath Wilson and Joey Odom

45 minutes
Executive producer
Krista Boan and START
Producer & editor
Mike Cosper and Narrativo
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What is this episode about?

Like so many of us, Heath Wilson and Joey Odom have experienced the challenges of life with screens. Addictive games and clever algorithms keep drawing us back to our smartphones and away from the people, projects, and work that matters far more than our distractions. That struggle led them to create Aro, a new platform blending analog and digital technology to make it easier than ever to put our phones down and experience life uninterrupted.

On this episode of Screen Sanity, co-founder Krista Boan sits down with Heath and Joey to talk about what led to the creation of Aro, how they hope it affects user’s lives, and what they’ve experienced already since incorporating more time away from their phones into their lives.

It’s a great discussion that points all of us towards one of START’s big-picture values — that parents start with themselves, adjusting their own absorption in technology and modeling something better for their kids.

About Heath Wilson and Joey Odom

Heath Wilson is the co-founder of Aro and is an entrepreneur, visionary, culture builder, and idea generator. Heath co-founded eVestment before Aro and sold the company to NASDAQ in 2018. His experience in data-driven solutions, coupled with his role as a husband and a father of four, led Heath to help develop Aro. As co-founder of Aro, he is committed to helping people, companies, and families create healthy relationships with their technology through passionate leadership and expertise.

Joey Odom is the co-founder of Aro and is a natural storyteller and a dynamic leader known for his ability to inspire and foster deep connections with others. His experience with technology as a husband and dad led Joey to help create Aro alongside co-founder Heath Wilson. Now, Joey’s ultimate goal is to help people change their lives by changing their relationship with technology. Before co-founding Aro, Joey was an executive at a commercial real estate firm. He has been married to his wife, Cristin, for 18 years and is a dad of two teens.