Episode 1:
Tracy Foster

40 minutes
Executive producer
Krista Boan and START
Producer & editor
Mike Cosper and Narrativo
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What is this episode about?

On the first episode of our podcast, host Krista Boan sits down with the co-founder of START, Tracy Foster. On this episode, they discuss the foundational ideas of START, and how they hope to encourage families to reexamine the ways that kids and parents interact with technology. They also talk about real-life examples of the challenges parents face when introducing technology and apps, and in particular, how to talk to your kids when they’ve overstepped a boundary.

About Tracy Foster

Tracy Foster is the Co-founder and Executive Director for Screen Sanity, responsible for the strategic direction and vision of the organization. Tracy frequently contributes to news publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, on the topic of digital health. She has co-authored two books to educate and guide parents and mentors in digital wellness for their families. Tracy was also chosen as one of Ingram’s 40 under 40 in 2020.

Previous to Screen Sanity, Tracy invested 15 years developing growth strategies for some of the world’s leading organizations as a management consultant with Mercer Management Consulting, then as an Associate Director at FSG, which specializes in creating large-scale, lasting social change. She helped foundations, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies increase impact through revised strategy and program design, performance measurement and operational improvement. On a project for one of the world’s largest toy companies, she was captivated by the power of play in children’s emotional, social and cognitive development, fueling her passion for rethinking cultural norms around technology.

Tracy graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern University and lives with her husband and two children in the Kansas City area.