About Screen Sanity

Technology has the power to uplift and improve our humanity — but it is critical that we create new cultural norms of digital health if we want our kids to flourish. The mission of Screen Sanity is to create a world where kids are captivated by life, not screens.

About Us
About Us

Our story

Today’s parents have countless resources to help them raise a child, yet we are the first generation to ponder questions like, How is all of this new technology going to affect us? When should I get my child a smartphone? How should I prepare them for social media? How can I set my home up for success in this increasingly digital world?

A few years ago, we began pondering these questions for our own kids. When we went to ask our friends with older kids for their wisdom we were consistently confronted with headshakes, unknowing bewilderment and comments like, “I don’t know, but do something differently than I did.”

Screen Sanity became a reality because parents are seeking guidance in this new ecosystem. Founded in the United States in 2018, with expansion into Australia in 2021 by a group of passionate parents determined to make positive change. Our global non-profit helps families and communities pursue digital health in order to reduce loneliness, depression, anxiety and suicide in a socially isolated society.

The need for our programs and resources continue to grow as devices seep into every corner of our lives. Our resources and tools are designed to support families on every leg of their digital parenting journey — helping them to quickly navigate to the issue that is most pressing for their family. Our goal is to build trust with families so when they hit a new technology milestone, they know exactly where to turn. We want to empower families to think proactively about their digital health.

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Our team

Our Founding team members are passionate parents, with a combined experience of over 40 years in the public and private sector, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our mission. Driven by a deep commitment to building a better future, they understand the challenges facing families today, having raised a combined eight children themselves. Their leadership is fuelled by both their professional expertise and a personal desire to make a positive impact.

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Our impact

Our library of resources continues to expand, providing practical ways for parents from all walks of life to connect with their children about digital health. In less than five years, Screen Sanity has transformed from grassroots idea to global movement. Since 2018, our resources have helped over families across the globe.

  • 5 million people worldwide have utilised Screen Sanity resources
  • 100% positive feedback from workshop attendees
  • Pilot program delivering the Parent Workshop to 2,067 parents in Brisbane
Our future

Our future

We dream of a world where parents, coaches, teachers, pediatricians and community leaders work together to help kids develop habits that are digitally healthy.

We believe in the power of communities coming together to send our kids a unified message: your digital health matters — because you matter.

Through education programs, innovative content and strategic partnerships, we provide information to aid digital health decision-making, advocate for change and bring communities together to start meaningful conversations for digital balance. To build a world together where kids stay captivated by life, not screens.