Direct Wendy

Wendy Streatfield

  • Director
  • Wendy was born in the Southern Highlands of NSW but brought up in the Far North Queensland town of Cairns and the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Childhood equated to the kind of freedom we can only dream of for our modern-day children; gone all day on bikes exploring the local creeks, or in the bush up behind the house using cicada shells as badges of honour. Plenty of muddy hands, holes in clothes and scars to show for the adventures that were had.   

    Wendy is a creative thinker, experience-seeker and lover of the arts. She is driven by a love of design that has purpose, is functional, yet emotionally rich. She thrives in a collaborative environment, designs across a multitude of disciplines, and champions design experiences that are meaningful, proactive, supportive, and delightful. With over 20 years in the brand design business, Wendy believes intrinsic value is created by taking a human-first approach, always striving toward making human life better for all.

    Outside of ‘work’, Wendy is inspired by her 2 spirited children, and works tirelessly to infuse a creative outlook in her and her children’s lives. Whether outdoors in nature, via a game of lego, or by working out a tricky problem, Wendy is passionate about how the allowance of space to dream creatively inspires the pursuit of great ideas and solutions.