Video Game Decision Tree

Premium | This one-page download is a tool for parents to use as a guide for placing boundaries (and avoiding meltdowns) related to video games.


Tips for using this tool:

  • The magic number of minutes is going to vary from family to family, and it can also be affected by the size of the screen, the intensity of the game, the socialisation of the game, the age of your child, and any special needs your child might have. (We’ve penciled in some examples in case it is helpful.)
  • The best way to determine a healthy amount of minutes for your child is to notice their behaviour at the finish line — and adjust accordingly next time they play.
  • Hint: Print the full download out to help them understand this concept, and hang it near the gaming station as a reminder of what you are striving for!

How much gaming is too much?

One of the #1 questions we get asked is how to manage video games…and the hangovers that come with them. In Episode 3 of #thescreensanitypodcast, we asked neurotherapist Susan Dunaway for help. Her answer? BEHAVIOR CHANGE. If your child is able to transition off his game calmly, you found an appropriate time limit. But, anytime he responds with a behavior change — irritability, decreased concentration, arguments, meltdowns — that's a sign his brain is overloaded, and you need to reduce the time limit.
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