Social Media Playbook

The Social Media Playbook is a parent-child workbook for starting powerful conversations about social media. Families are prompted to dig deeper into the purpose of social media in their lives and question the false standards it places on its users.

Social Media Playbook

About the resource

While we love the connection and entertainment social media brings to our lives, we hear regularly from parents who are struggling to keep these platforms in their proper place, even as adults. This tool helps you equip your kids to think critically about the social media world, and prepare them to develop a healthy approach to social media.

How to use it:

  1. Go through it together. This is the perfect excuse to sit down and connect with your child — we don’t recommend you assign this as an independent study. As their mentor, you’ll have opportunities to share the good, the bad and the ugly of what you’ve experienced in the social media world. 
  2. Stay curious. We’ll ask tough questions; you might not know all the answers. In fact, you might end up with even more questions. That’s okay! Talk it out. Sit in the tensions. Be honest with your thoughts. When you get stuck, ask other trusted friends or loved ones to share their perspective. 
  3. Slow and steady. This book is short, but it’s meaty. Do not rush through it in one sitting — some families find one lesson per week a good pace. When you finish one page, put a date on your calendar to unpack the next one. 
  4. Have fun! With a little reflection — and maybe a little ice cream to fuel your thinking — you and your child will be better equipped to think critically and engage courageously in the digital world.