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Fiona Foxon


Born in Singapore with a whirlwind upbringing in the USA, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan, Fiona has a strong understanding of cross-cultural nuances and a passion for global business.  After pursuing a degree at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, Fiona moved to Hong Kong to set up one of China’s first social enterprise non-profits, Venture in Development, empowering and equipping rural entrepreneurs with the tools, capital and skillsets to run their own sustainable businesses.

Fiona has worn many hats – Managing Director, VP of Sales and Marketing, Project Manager, Founder.  What ties it all together is her straightforward, ambitious and human-centric approach to business growth and leadership.  It’s what’s seen her rise through the corporate ranks and have a huge impact in companies like Mattel, Quintessentially, and Hong Kong’s first unicorn technology start up, Tink Labs.

The advent of children and having a young family changed it all, and Fiona stepped away from her travel-heavy career to pursue consulting projects aligned to her value set.  After moving to Brisbane in 2019, a fateful conversation with a like-minded Mother in the school parking lot one morning (yes, it was Mackenzie!)  allowed her to use her diverse skills to help bring Screen Sanity Australia to life.  An ex-professional Women’s rugby player, Fiona is excited to once again be tackling difficult things head on – to openly facilitate the discussions around digital health and well-being to build a grass roots movement where families feel confident, capable and excited to help their children live a life captivated by authentic human connection.

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