What we do

What We Do




Surveys show that the number one battleground for families is technology. Our virtual programs bring parents and leaders together to go through an expert-guided curriculum, have honest conversations, and create a plan for healthy screen use.


Today’s parents feel pressure to be “experts” to stay ahead of their kids’ tech use. And when they get behind? It can be easy to give up. Our podcast, blog, and social media feeds offer bite-sized, practical tips that parents can use to help them make steady changes to their families’ digital health-and we love it when you chime in!


Coaches, educators, healthcare providers and community leaders alike are asking the question: Where do we start? These downloadable tools and resources can be shared to spark a conversation about digital health in your community or organization.




Who We Serve

We welcome parents and community leaders across generations, cultures, and faiths.  We approach digital health from a proactive, hopeful posture—it’s never too early to start, and parents of young children find that our resources help them get prepped and ready for what’s ahead.  But our content also resonates with parents of older elementary, middle, high school, and even college-age kids.  We deeply value their contributions to the conversation–indeed, they are often the most powerful voices in the room.

What Are The Results

In the past 3 years, more than 8,000 people have experienced our work—and 100% of our participants say they would recommend it. While we celebrate this feedback, we are also proud that initial academic research of our program by Children’s Mercy Hospital reports that our program is effective.