Smartphone Toolkit laying on table

Smartphone Toolkit

Before you introduce your child’s first phone, download our Smartphone Toolkit to help prepare yourself and your child — as well as the new device! — so risks are at a minimum.

Parent Guide: Digital Driver's Ed

Parent Guides

Visit our Parent Guide Library for informative downloads on today’s trending tech topics, including everything from TikTok and Snapchat to pornography and sexting.

Sexting guide displayed on clipboard.

Parent Guide: Sexting

A guide to protecting your children from sexting, which is a combination of the words “sex” and “texting.”

Social Media Playbook on table.

Social Media Playbook

This is a parent-child workbook for starting powerful conversations about social media. Families are prompted to dig deeper into the purpose of social media in their lives and question the false standards it places on its users.

Screen Sanity Group Study

Screen Sanity Workshop

Our hallmark product, this interactive handbook is broken down into six video-guided sessions (plus four bonus chapters!) that are specifically designed to spark face-to-face conversation with others in a casual group setting.