About Us

Our Strategy.

Kansas City is our learning lab for creating a scalable, community-driven model.


Our goal is to create a tipping point in Johnson County, and eventually Kansas City more broadly, of families who stand together and rethink technology—developing healthy norms, values, and training for tech use. Tech is ubiquitous, saturating all parts of society – school, work, home – and to change these norms, it requires a cross-sector approach. What started as a program to parents in school communities has expanded to include faith leaders, business leaders, civic leaders, health professionals and more—all seeking to find ways that our community can work collaboratively to instill healthy tech habits throughout the spaces and places families interact.

We are currently focused narrowly in this community, investing deeply to pursue meaningful, measurable impact, while serving as a learning lab for applying a community-driven approach to tech norms, with the hope that it could also model promising practices for other communities.

If you’re interested in propelling this learning lab by investing in the development of scalable products, services and approaches, please contact us.