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In a six-month tour of the nation, Diane Sawyer set out to find the answer to a pressing question: How do we balance the ease of technology with the fullness of our lives? She talked with families, researchers, schools, doctors, employers and tech experts—even the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.  The result? A vast and deep portrait of a nation filled with families who feel overwhelmed by the challenge of knowing how to raise kids with healthy screen habits.

But she also heard about how the START community is courageously coming together to tackle this epidemic. So she hopped on a plane to KC, to see for herself what the buzz is all about.

Whether you’ve sat with us in your school, faith community, business, or online… the description of what Diane discovered in KC applies to you:  “We have so many different sectors of the community, be it the business community, the police department, pediatricians. The youth minister is here. So is the county director of mental health…The first thing everyone agrees is that they can tell the truth here, no one sits in judgment…There’s like no wisdom from the ages that has been passed down, because we are the first generation raising the first set of children who will prefer texting over talking.”


If you are looking for ways to help spread our message,  consider sharing this ScreenTime clip with family and friends.  If you find any of our Facebook posts or blogs helpful, share those too! Invite other to check START out, because the more people who take small steps together, the better chance we have of creating a world where kids can stay captivated by life—not screens, and where adults learn again how to “Listen with your whole face.”

Diane Sawyer’s Team Takes a Peek at one Family’s ScreenTime Battles

Surveys show that parents report the #1 battleground in their families is technology. At START, we hear from parents every day who share how screens have accidentally gotten in the way of what matters most: their relationships. In the opening segment of #ScreenTime, Diane Sawyer’s team painted a picture of this epidemic, and we loved catching a glimpse of several Kansas City folks who lent their voices to the mix with vulnerability and courage. If you thought your family was the only one facing this challenge–we want you to know you are not alone!

Behind the scenes with START + Diane sawyer

We were blown away by the groundswell of support and pride coming from our community following the #ScreenTime airing!  Many of you asked what it was like behind the scenes, so we rounded up a few stories to share.