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The Screen Sanity Group Study is sure to spark rich conversations for your group. (If you haven’t grabbed your copy, you can do so here!) Videos do not need to be watched in chronological order—however our recommendation is to start with sessions 1-6. The first six sessions cover our top five rules of thumb for digital health, sessions 7-10 dive deeper into pain points that might be striking a nerve in your family these days.



VIDEO RUNTIME: 12 minutes

It’s harder to be a parent than ever before because it’s harder to be a kid than ever before. This session unpacks some of the challenges facing today’s kids.



VIDEO RUNTIME: 15 minutes

Tech companies use powerful techniques to keep us glued to our phones. In this session, we explore ways to keep our tech in check and model healthy screen habits for our kids.



VIDEO RUNTIME: 6 minutes

Habits of unplugging and recharging can promote mental health throughout your children’s lives. In this session, we unpack places and spaces to establish as device-free zones.



VIDEO RUNTIME: 13 minutes

A closer look at our kids’ hazardous online reality—and our top suggestions for keeping your child safe in the online world. Please note: while not visually graphic, the content in this session is not appropriate for kids.



VIDEO RUNTIME: 7 minutes

One of the top questions we get asked is “What age should I get my child a smartphone?” While there is no simple answer to that question, in this session we offer a roadmap and approach to prepare your kids for that milestone.



VIDEO RUNTIME: 8 minutes

One of the most meaningful things you can do for your kids is to help them understand the value of their time and attention. In this session, we explore time well spent, and ways to raise kids who are captivated by life—not screens.



VIDEO RUNTIME: 13 minutes

Ready to make changes with screens but not sure where to start? This session offers step-by-step ideas for getting the whole family on board.



VIDEO RUNTIME: 13 minutes

A closer look at how screens can accidentally damage relationships- and a hopeful conversation on repairing them.



VIDEO RUNTIME: 10 minutes

A session for parents of kids who are dipping their toes into the social media world. Let’s get prepped and ready for the road ahead!



VIDEO RUNTIME: 8 minutes

Noticing how video games tend to suck your child in? This session offers a fresh approach to finding balance, reducing explosions, and avoiding game-addiction.