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Worried about your students’ digital habits affecting their mental health? We’re here to help.

Hey leaders—as you wade into the waters of Fall 2020, we know you’re worried about how you will meet the social-emotional needs of your students. We hope these resources help you support your families as they struggle with establishing healthy screen habits and virtual learning environments at home.

FALL 2020 toolkit:

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Looking for an easy way to offer healthy screentime tips to your families? We’re glad you asked! Sign up for this service, and START will send you weekly soundbites on raising digitally healthy kids. Copy and paste into your parent newsletters to support your students’ social-emotional health!

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Today’s parents are tasked with raising the next generation to be flourishing digital citizens—but feel unequipped to do so. Our Digital Driver’s Ed library is designed to help parents be mentors and guides in the digital world. From TikTok and Snapchat—to Sexting and Suicide, we provide parents tactical ways to navigate some of Gen Z’s greatest social-emotional hazards.

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Built for groups of parents and community leaders, these virtual sessions offer our most impactful, expert-informed material, and opportunities to interact around challenges kids are facing. The content is designed for adults only, but will give you practical ways you can talk to your kids about digital health.


For families, teachers, and leaders who want a deep dive in learning to maximize the benefits of technology, while minimizing the side effects. Join us for our first season, where we’ll break apart the START digital health rules of thumb and explore how to grow healthier, more resilient kids in a socially-isolated digital world.




“We cannot build the future for our youth—but we can build our youth for the future.”

— franklin D roosevelt