Spring Cleaning Your Digital Devices

Photo of woman leaned up against a desk, on her phone. Text overlay reads “spring cleaning your digital world”.

Spring is the perfect time for a clean start. And don’t worry, you can keep the feather duster in the closet for this one. Today, we’re sharing five ways to practice spring cleaning your digital world.

Mute Notifications

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and *ding*…the phones are buzzing. One study found that the average person receives about 46 app notifications a day. That includes only app notifications, not text messages or calls.

Turn off your autopilot for a couple days and be an observer of which apps send you regular notifications. Spend some time choosing which notifications you actually need, and which you can live without.

Delete Unused Apps

Identify which apps you use frequently, and which are collecting digital dust. Regardless of storage space, apps can also take up unnecessary brain space. Be generous in waving goodbye to what you don’t need and feel comfort knowing if you change your mind, it’s an easy fix.

Device-free Zones

The start of a new season is an invitation to introduce fresh digital practices in your household. One thing we love for families is creating device-free zones. A great place to start? Tables and bedtimes.

Create a “Phone Home”

This one goes hand-in-hand with your device-free zones. Where do your devices live when they’re not in use? Communicate clearly with your family about when phones, tablets, etc. should be at the “phone home” and when they’re free to use. Building this space for devices holds your family accountable and keeps everyone on the same page.

Unsubscribe from Emails You Don’t Need

While you’re cleaning up clutter, consider devoting 30 minutes or so to combing through your inbox and identifying the marketing emails or newsletters that no longer suit your needs. Click “Unsubscribe” on the ones you don’t engage with on a regular basis. A clutter-free inbox can feel almost as good as a clean, organized closet!