Screen Sanity Episode 12: Felicia Wu Song, Ph.D.

On the final Screen Sanity podcast episode for 2021, we’re talking about our first principle — the idea that puts the “S” in the word START. That idea is “Start with ourselves.” If we’re going to ask our kids to have healthy digital habits, we have to cultivate our own healthy habits too, and that means paying attention to the ways smartphones and screens have taken up residence in our lives.


Joining START co-founder Krista Boan for this conversation is Felicia Wu Song. Felicia is a professor of sociology at Westmont College and an expert on how screens, devices and the digital world are transforming our day-to-day experiences. In her latest book, Restless Devices: Recovering Personhood, Presence, and Place in the Digital Age, she explores how personal technologies are changing the people we are becoming.

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It is produced and edited by Mike Cosper for Cosper Productions.