Because You Shared…

device bed thank you.jpgdevice bed thank you.jpg

So often, we meet parents who feel overwhelmed when it comes to helping their kids establish healthy tech habits. They don’t know where to start, and they feel like they‘re alone. If that’s you, we want you to know something: you are not alone.

Two weeks ago, we shared the story of a family who put their daughter’s phone to bed, and—in doing so—it lifted a huge weight off of her shoulders. It turns out, her story resonated with hearts around the globe. In two weeks, nearly two million people have read it, in more than 160 countries. Parents around the world are struggling, wanting to give their kids healthier, happier lives.

Because you shared, there is a groundswell of parents who are learning—together— how to navigate this frontier. This might feel like an uphill climb, but we believe that the more people who take small steps together, the better chance we have of resetting cultural norms. So keep following. Keep sharing your stories, tips, and challenges. Keep sharing posts that are helpful. Keep spreading the word.

Our goal is to help our kids learn to be captivated by life, not screens—and because you shared, we are off to a great start.