Zoom Mad Lib

Looking for a fun activity to do tonight? Download and print this Zoom Mad Lib to do with your family…or use it to help make the most of your next Zoom playdate—have your child ask a friend for the words and then read it back…rolling in laughter.

Driver’s Ed Approach to Messenger Kids

START recently partnered with the Wall Street Journal to share thoughts about a hot app for kids: Facebook’s Messenger Kids, an introductory social media app designed for kids age 6-12. If you decide to take the plunge, it’s likely your child’s first foray into social media and it’s important to equip them for it and to be attentive to potential unexpected side effects.

Emoji 101

For your teen or tween, more time at home likely means more incoming texts…some of which might be layered with hidden meanings. Need a decoder? We gotcha covered! This FREE DOWNLOAD gives you the scoop on the latest trends in teen text-slang.