School Counselor Training

Although our START Program began just for parents in elementary schools, we are working on developing resources to support educators, coaches, healthcare providers, and business leaders. We believe when a community begins to speak the same language about healthy new tech-use norms, the deeper our impact—and the healthier our kids—will be. We were recently invited to share our training with a special group of people who are building wellness every day for the 22,000 students in Blue Valley—the school counselors.

Device Free Board Rooms

One of our rules of thumb is Start with Yourself. But one of the top obstacles parents share? Figuring out what digital health looks like at work. We loved these examples from companies who are taking this to heart and experimenting with new workplace practices to support digital wellness, including Netsmart—a healthcare company based in Kansas City.

Defaulting to Off in 2020

20 year habits can be hard to break…so we were thrilled when START advisor and friend, Valerie Bockstette, shared with us how one simple shift improved her digital health in an unexpected, and totally addictive, way.

The Harsh Reality of Middle School in 2020

It’s no secret that today’s teens are growing up in a dauntingly different world than the world we parents grew up in. And honestly? It can be overwhelming to step into our kids’ shoes and see the world from their eyes. That’s why we were so thankful when a START parent—who is also a middle school teacher—offered to be our tour guide, giving a peek into the harsh reality our kids are navigating.