Letter to My Grandsons

We love it when grandparents and caregivers attend our START Parent Program, and were especially touched when one grandmother shared with us how she was so encouraged by our START Family Pillars that she wrote a letter to her grandsons, promising to raise them to be digitally healthy. We often share how important it is to not just call our kids away from excess screen time, but to invite them in to something better.

Bringing Screentime To Life

At START, we know screens play a big role in our kids’ lives, and we are passionate about helping families use their kids’ digital world as a way to connect. If your kids love the epic YouTubers Dude Perfect, sit next to them and enjoy watching their amazing stunts. Then go out in the backyard and have a bottle flipping contest. Ultimately, these are the moments that will help your kids keep their eyes on what matters most—the life right in front of them.