Real-Life Tech

One of our START Rules of Thumb is: Ride. Practice. Drive… use a driver’s ed approach to tech training. The idea is that before your kid is ready to drive a smart device independently, there is a learner’s permit season—where you log hours in the passenger seat, coaching them for the road. Not sure where to start coaching? We loved these tips from Melissa Griffin, also known as “HR Mom.”

More Sunsets, Less Netflix

We know that there are many factors that contribute to your family’s mental wellness.  But this summer, we invite you to journey with us as we ask a question about one of them:  How do our digital habits impact our mental health and wellness?  Together we’ll be looking at how our screens are impacting our minds when it comes to human connection, self-image, and rest…and considering how more sunsets–and less Netflix–might be just what the doctor orders when it comes to supporting your family’s mental health. 

START + Johnson County Mental Health

As mental health professionals, the staff at Johnson County Mental Health Center are hyper aware of how unhealthy tech use can negatively impact the families they serve—oftentimes creating a barrier in relationships, which are essential for recovery. This week, we were given the privilege of bringing our START program to their staff, and together we considered the role technology has played in exacerbating the side effects they are seeing…