Our Lunchroom is Loud

At START, we love helping families find time to unplug and connect…and we are champions of schools that strategically find ways to help students connect with each other. This year, a local school district made a bold move and implemented an “away during the day” policy…and we loved hearing one principal’s report of how it is going. Kudos!


We loved this article from the New York Times about a fun new word you can try out with your kids: JOMO. Share with them that it isn’t always easy to step away from your screen, but it’s part of being digitally healthy…and the rewards of being present with loved ones usually outweigh the quick fix we find scrolling other people’s social media feeds…

Phubbing | Brenda Walden, LMFT

A recent study of romantic relationships among college students found that “smartphone dependency is significantly linked to relationship uncertainty.” This Valentine’s week, join Brenda Walden, Marriage + Family Therapist, to learn more about “phubbing”…and ways it might be impacting your romantic relationship.

Time Well Spent | The Greatest Show

It’s the story of a young dad chasing big dreams who gets…wait for it…distracted…by a glittery, sparkly, unattainable opera singer named Jenny Lind. He gives his full attention to a person he has barely even met, ignoring the people who love him deeply. And yet, at the end of the day, he realizes that this was not time well spent…and returns home to rediscover the greatest show: being present with his family and friends.


It was devastating… But in the aftermath, my wife and I began to look at our kids’ digital lives in the face, and come to grips with a truth:  We will never be experts in this part of parenting.  We will never be one step ahead of this game.  But admitting so to our kids has actually built a bridge we are hoping will last…

Mama, What Did You Post?

So often when we talk about social media, mental health, and kids, we tend to think the only thing affecting today’s teens is how they interact with other teens.  But Lauri, a START parent, recently shared with her community, “I’m learning from my little guys that the pressures don’t only come from their friends; it can also come from me as a parent. And it starts way earlier than I was hoping.” To learn more about the trend of sharenting, check out this this article