Headshot of Mackenzie Forrester

Mackenzie Forrester

Mackenzie comes from a small mountain town in Colorado where she developed her love for the great outdoors.  Her childhood was spent hiking, skiing, and biking the endless trails of her picturesque home.  Growing up, she worked in her family’s restaurant, laying the foundation for her passion for hospitality, people and selfless service.  Ever-curious about

Fiona Foxon headshot

Fiona Foxon

Fiona has worn many hats — Managing Director, VP of Sales and Marketing, Project Manager, Fundraising Lead, Founder of Fresh Studios and now General Manager of Screen Sanity Australia.

Wendy Streatfield

Wendy was born in the Southern Highlands of NSW but brought up in the North Queensland remote town of Cairns and the jungles of Papua New Guinea.  Childhood equated to the kind of freedom we can only dream of for our modern-day children; gone all day on bikes exploring the local creeks, or in the